Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I make a record?

Even if you don’t want to report a case of sexual abuse/harassment to anybody right now, by filling out a record with UsToo, you create a time stamped record that only you can access.

This means if you ever change your mind and decide to report this event in the future, you will already have stated the details while the event was fresh in your memory.

Your report could help someone else by letting them know they are not alone. If you are willing, you could also help someone else's legal case.

Make a record

What type of abuse/harassment can I record?

We accept any reports of non-consensual and abusive behaviours that you may want to discuss with a mental health or legal professional at some point. These include but are not limited to:

Sexual coercion or manipulation, sexual assault/unwanted touch, rape, harassment, Sexually Transmitted Infection by malicious or wrongful intent, stealthing, revenge porn or sharing undressed images/videos of you without your consent, cyber-bullying, assault/aggressive behaviour. 

What Happens When I Submit A Record?

Here are the steps that happen when you use UsToo:

A. A survivor or their support person can anonymously submit a record for themself or a friend.

B. When 2 or more matching aggressor reports are found in the UsToo database, we encourage them to contact the same professional. In this way they can support one another. 

C. The survivor receives a copy of their report. Now they can email it to the authority, professional, or department that can best follow up on their report. Survivors can choose to discuss their report with an UsToo referred lawyer or therapist or sexual crime police detective, just to talk. No legal steps are required.

What if I don’t know my aggressor’s name?

This happens often when meeting through online dating apps. You may submit your report even if you do not know your aggressor’s identity.  We share with you statistical data given by other survivors who submit the same location/business/person related to abuse that you did.

I was sexually assaulted/abused or harassed thirty years ago, can I still report this to the database?

Yes, we encourage you to.

There is no time limit to reporting an aggressor to our database. That said, time limits may influence your legal options in accordance with the laws in the area where you live.

When and how will I be contacted by UsToo?

You will be emailed with a time stamped copy of your record and with resources specific to your location. You will also be emailed when we find a matching report to the email address you provided. 

Anonymous users will not receive a copy of the record. 


Can I make a report anonymously?

Can I make a report anonymously?

Yes. That said, if you want to receive an email alert when we identify a repeat aggressor or location, then please provide an email address that belongs to yourself or your support person.

If I was assaulted/abused multiple times, how should I report my aggressor(s) to the database?

If someone assaulted you multiple times, submitting one record is enough to help us identify them as a repeat offender.

If multiple perpetrators were involved in one assault, you may submit one report which identifies all those aggressors’ identifying information.

How do you deter false reporting?

Falsely accusing someone of a criminal offence is a crime.

The first person any user speaks to is a certified professional who vets reports and they cannot spread accusations about anyone to other users. 

Can I delete, update, or edit the information in my report?

We suggest saving your report, even if you don’t plan on using it in the near future. A full copy of your report is not kept indefinitely to protect your privacy. If you have any questions or you'd like to make any changes to or delete the record you submitted, you can contact us anytime at