About Us


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create advanced technology to support survivors of violence and abuse, along with a platform that offers survivors a wide range of psychosocial and legal options to help them achieve their own personal justice goals in an emotionally intelligent and supportive environment. 


Vision statement:

We envision a world in which your human rights are respected and sexual assault, harassment and discrimination are rare, and survivors are supported to reach their own kind of healing process and repair.


Right now, there is a vicious cycle that is supporting the recurrence of abuse. 

Studies have shown that people do not report sexual assault for key reasons including: 

Fear of social or professional retribution, fear that no one will believe them, fear that police will not do anything, or they are not sure if what happened to them was considered a sexual assault.

The good news is, when given the chance to report online, reporting rates increase dramatically, along with the likelihood of survivors achieving justice. 

So we offer you to join our community of survivors who contribute to creating safer spaces by submitting your own anonymous safety records, or choosing to move forward with mental health, legal or police support. This choice is yours, this power is yours.