To connect with professionals experienced in treating trauma related to sexual violence, harassment and abuse for a reduced cost of 45$ for a remote half hour session, you may email the mental health experts below for a free discovery call.


You also have the option to join our free professionally moderated ‘Art Therapy Facebook Group’ to join a community of abuse survivors to share your thoughts with.

Counselling Referrals

Eli Matilda


Eli Matilda is a drama therapist and artist who helps sexual abuse survivors use creativity to access their inner resiliency and move towards deeper healing.

Eli Matilda believes in post-traumatic growth, and hopes to use empathy, unconditional positive regard, authenticity and creative/artistic interventions to help survivors heal through therapy. 

LGBQT* informed and supportiv



Sarah is a mental health counselor. She completed a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters degree in educational counseling, and specialize's in sexual and domestic abuse.

Sarah was the clinical director of a halfway house and counseled victims of abuse with drug addictions.  She has experience working with both men and woman who are victims of abuse.



Leah is a certified therapist (CCC) who works with people of all ages. She uses a client-centered, collaborative approach to therapy. She sees clients for a number of reasons including relationship issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life changes. She also has training and experience in working with trauma and attachment.

Leah's specialties include talk psychotherapy, as well as the use of the creative arts, especially Drama Therapy. She may use methods involving movement, art, music, and play, depending on the needs and interests of the individual client. 



Claudine is a nutritionist. She graduated from McGill University in 2007. 

For more than ten years now, Claudine has worked with individuals who have gone through a lot. Their food and health have been put at sake as a means to protect themselves – as a coping mechanism - following different

experiences and trauma. 

Claudine's work with the Adolescent Medicine team at the Montreal Children Hospital, as well as multiple hospitals and clinics, has brought her a lot of perspective, knowledge, and skills to help survivors. 

Nutrition is an expression of our relationship with health to protect or to grow. Claudine is here to help you establish a better relationship with your health and grow into a better, healed version of yourself!