Anonymously record rape, harassment and abuse. Choose your help.


Mental Health

Connect with a mental health counsellor 

Legal Help

A lawyer can help you explore your options


An investigator can help you know your rights


Make an anonymous and encrypted record.


We match survivors who identify the SAME aggressor or location with the SAME professional for follow up.


To a counsellor, legal advisor, or police investigator. Your choice.

What We Do

How Recording Works


Once your record has been filled in, we search for other records identifying the same aggressor, location etc. If we find any data trends, we send an email alert to you and any other survivor(s) who reported the SAME aggressor or location you did. 


Then, if you choose, we connect you and other survivors with the SAME aggressor as you, to the SAME mental health counsellor, lawyer or investigator so you can discuss your options with them. This way you are empowered both psychosocially and legally.

No legal steps are necessary, and your choices are valued and respected.

Why It Works

Most sexual assaults are committed by repeat offenders, but less than 10% of people report their aggressor.

The good news is, studies have shown that online reporting platforms for sexual assault/abuse survivors can increases reporting rates and in effect, also increase the likelihood of identifying repeat aggressors and creates data to improve safety and security in our communities.

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